Marine Who Criticized Military Leaders over Afghan Exit Fired and said he was ordered to undergo mental health screening U.S. Marine officer who was relieved of his command for breaking rank and calling out the brass over the chaotic and deadly evacuation of American troops from Afghanistan in which 13 service members were killed said [...]
America First To America Last? How Did We Get Here? Listen to "America First To America Last" on Spreaker.   Peter Boykin For US Congress #Boykin4Congress BoykinForCongress.com t.me/BoykinForCongress t.me/RealPeterBoykin
Put America First Not the Dum Dums Giving You an Example of What Could Happen...   Listen to "Put America First Not The Dum Dums" on Spreaker. Peter Boykin For US Congress #Boykin4Congress BoykinForCongress.com t.me/BoykinForCongress t.me/RealPeterBoykin
Joe Biden Gave the Taliban an Army of Weapons Joe Biden's poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan has left billions of dollars worth of American military weapons and vehicles in the hands of the Taliban terrorists. Here's what they now own, courtesy of your tax dollars: ▪️ 2,000+ armored vehicles, like humvees ▪️ 40 aircraft: UH-60 [...]
Desantis Fights Back Against Biden Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis took aim at Joe Biden after the President threatened to take "legal action" against Florida's rule outlawing mandatory mask mandates. Our enemies know Biden's weak: “When you’re leaving thousands of Americans to fend for themselves behind enemy lines, that matters... you know, who are looking at [...]
Afghanistan THE BUCK STOPS HERE Joe Biden continues to fail on the world stage. We'll get to Afghanistan later, but in a less publicized story, OPEC and its allies, including Russia, denied Biden's request that they increase oil production yesterday, in order to drive down the price of oil in the U.S. A major smack [...]
Mandates, Misinformation, and a 3rd Booster, oh My Remember a few weeks back when a CDC slide 'leaked' that said the Delta variant “is as transmissible as: – Chicken Pox"? It was front-page news everywhere, and another way to try and scare the hell out of people. Well, that CDC slide was inaccurate. And this [...]
Biden Has to Go as We Find Out Trumps Crisis Evacuation Plan was Cancelled a Few Months Ago by Biden As we all [rightly] focus so much attention on the international crisis Resident Joe Biden has created in Afghanistan, I want to make sure we don't lose sight of everything else that his administration is [...]
NO COVID RULES FOR OBAMA Celebrities, politicians, and a couple hundred other “close friends and family members” packed in to celebrate former President Barack Obama’s 60th birthday Saturday in what was billed as a “scaled-back” bash amid rising concerns about the fast-spreading Delta variant of COVID-19.     Yet A-listers streamed into Martha’s Vineyard for [...]
HARVESTING THE ORGANS OF THE UNBORN... Warning: What I'm about to describe may be disturbing... Judicial Watch successfully sued the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for access to over 250 pages of documents related to how the US used our tax dollars to fund the University of Pittsburg's "Tissue Hub" where the [...]

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