LOST, ANTMAN STAR SPEAKS OUT AGAINST VACCINE MANDATES Shared By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist   'Lost' and 'Antman' star Evangeline Lilly took to Instagram to speak out against covid vaccine mandates, even revealing that she attended last weekend's anti-mandate protest in D.C. “I was in DC this weekend to support [...]
Biden Doesn't Follow The Science By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist The sitting president of the United States, advised by the nation's top infectious diseases specialists, doesn't know what is now common knowledge: that vaccinated individuals can still spread Covid-19. This is what Biden said recently while speaking in Illinois: "We're [...]
Bidens caught violating DC mask mandate at posh Georgetown restaurant By Peter Boykin - American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist President Biden and first lady Jill Biden were caught violating Washington, D.C.'s indoor mask mandate by walking through a high-end Georgetown restaurant without masks on Saturday. The maskless Bidens were recorded leaving Fiola Mare while [...]
Desantis Fights Back Against Biden Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis took aim at Joe Biden after the President threatened to take "legal action" against Florida's rule outlawing mandatory mask mandates. Our enemies know Biden's weak: “When you’re leaving thousands of Americans to fend for themselves behind enemy lines, that matters... you know, who are looking at [...]
Mandates, Misinformation, and a 3rd Booster, oh My Remember a few weeks back when a CDC slide 'leaked' that said the Delta variant “is as transmissible as: – Chicken Pox"? It was front-page news everywhere, and another way to try and scare the hell out of people. Well, that CDC slide was inaccurate. And this [...]

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