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A federal judge has issued a nationwide injunction that stops the U.S. government from enforcing Joe Biden’s covid vaccine mandate on federal contractors which would have gone into effect next month.

The details: Judge Stand Baker in Savannah, Georgia, concluded that Congress did not clearly authorize the President to issue vaccine mandates on federal workers. Additionally, the judge took issue with Biden’s use of the Procurement Act, which Biden claimed gave him the authority to issue such a mandate.

The judge wrote that the mandate “goes far beyond addressing administrative and management issues” related to contracts and instead “works as a regulation of public health, which is not clearly authorized under the Procurement Act.”

The Procurement Act basically gives the President power to set rules and procedures for federal contractors. It’s an economic tool, meant to ensure federal dollars are spent wisely. It has nothing to do with public health and it surely doesn’t grant power to make medical decisions for anyone.

Freedom over medical tyranny: Over the past 30 days, federal judges across the country have slowly stripped Biden’s overreaching mandates:

? On November 14 a judge blocked Biden’s mandate for private businesses with over 100 employees.
? On November 30 a judge blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate for health care workers.

By the way… the Judge who blocked this mandate was appointed by President Trump.

What happens next? The Biden administration will appeal this. It’ll go back and forth through the courts. And the final stop could be the Supreme Court.
[Source: WSJ, Newsmax]



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