New bill introduced targeting Section 230 that focuses on how platforms amplify content

Written by on March 22, 2021

A new bill targeting Section 230 that focuses on how platforms amplify content is being put together.

CICILLINE TALKS ANTITRUST STRATEGY — House antitrust chief David Cicilline (D-R.I.) plans to introduce as many as 10 proposals targeting big tech that build off their blockbuster report on competition online, he told Axios on Sunday. Cicilline said he’s breaking up his legislative plans into a flurry of bills to make it harder for Silicon Valley to lobby against. The tactic could also make it easier to figure out which ideas have bipartisan buy-in, given that even some of Cicilline’s closest GOP allies have expressed reservations about signing onto broader antitrust reforms that go beyond big tech. Cicilline said the bills will be ready in May.

— Yet another Section 230 bill inbound: Cicilline said he’s also preparing a bill targeting Section 230 that focuses on how platforms amplify content. The Democratic lawmaker last year floated introducing a bill to narrow Section 230 protections for platforms that carried “demonstrably false” political advertising, but he instead later introduced legislation to limit advertisers’ ability to target users online that didn’t touch on Section 230.

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